Window Shopping

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Here are three items that I'm attempting to restrain myself from buying right now.

1). Tommy Bahama Quarter Zip Sweater

Laugh all you want. You might think Tommy Bahama is just for Jimmy Buffet bums, but that mindset will ensure you miss out on one of the comfiest sweaters around. I wore my uncle's while visiting in New York and the sweater has been on my radar ever since.

2. Tom Beckbe Field Hat

I stumbled upon Tom Beckbe via instagram. Their field hat looks like the crowning jewel for the outdoor gentleman. did a write up on Tom Beckbe a few years ago. Click here to read it.

3. A Charcoal Suit

Spier and Mackay

My first charcoal suit, from menswear house, has been passed on to one of my brothers. I need a replacement. I feel weird without one in my closet on stand by. My heart is telling me to wait and go the made-to-measure option: I really want something from the Armoury. But Spier and Mackay's off the rack options are much more wallet friendly. Hurry up or wait?

The Armoury

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